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Customer Reviews:

Lynn Hungerford my dad is 82 and has had dementia for some time now but got to where he was like a small child having to be told and showed everything to do. he couldnt turn on the microwave or even know who i was some days. it broke my heart to see him going away so fast. i had watched a video about this product and knew i had to try anything if it would only help alittle it would be worth it.we had tried other products but with very little results. after one week on this and i give him one pill 4 times a day i saw him coming back alittle each day. one morning my mom said do you see the life back in is face and yes i knew my dad was back. hes still not back a hundred percent and i know he nevr will be but its amazing the results we had and i will continue to give him these. we also changed up his diet to consume less aluminum in foods and medicines he was taking. i also give him 4 silicia drops a day n his water to help excrete the aluminum.i think all of these changes combined has given us these results but yes i recommend this if your family member is slipping away.


Betty Snyder I bought this for a friend who is 80 and was having memory problems and it really helped. As soon as he stopped taking it I could see a difference. That's when I decided to start try it myself. It's been three months now and it's made a big difference in my memory and ability to focus. I'm remembering names and details of things that were hard to think of before. I can sit and do crossword puzzle a lot easier as well! For me, this one is a keeper. It's definitely a supplement I take no matter what. I can tell the difference if I miss it!


Cynthia B We have found Youthful Brain very effective. Almost immediately after I have my 89-year old father Youthful Brain, he has become a new person. Almost overnight he remembers things, is much more alert and has a renewed interest in daily activities. I just wanted to tell you. Thanks!


Ralph Thurston Recently my father passed, he was 93. But the last 5 years he was slow to answer. My mom is 92 and has problems remembering what day it is, when she last talked to me and other short term items. I could feel that I was not able to remember as much as I used to. After 10 days, I don't feel myself not remembering. My brain doesn't sound like a symphony of white noise. I feel at peace being able to use my brain quickly and accurately. Your motto, "the clear mind formula" is exactly what I experienced. Thanks.


Richard Schulz At first I wasn't sure I noticed a difference, but I continued taking it. After a few weeks I really started to notice a difference with rememering things much easier so I've been happy with the results and will continue taking it.


Bette Schmidt I've been taking Youthful Brain for several months now. There is a noticeable difference in memory and logic as well as many fewer 'glitches'.


Frank Agamemnon Ordered some a week ago can’t wait to try it out. LET YOU KNOW IN 3 MONTHS (is all I’m willing to give a change / TRY out things).


Tim Cassidy this made a huge difference…i was experiencing mood swings, having trouble sleeping at night, and kept getting tired in the afternoon. I didn’t have high expectations, but it has worked so well. I have way more energy now and i’m sleeping like a baby.


Vera Bensen I think it has helped a little, but I feel like I have to take it longer to really know. But I do remember a few little things like where I have put items, but I still have problems remembering places and people's names.


Jeff B There may have been some small benefit from this herbal supplement, but I didn't notice it a ton.


Denise Gallagher I bought a bottle of this. Hoping it will keep my brain in fine condition.


Mary Avalos WOW !! what a miracle


Tami Shoemate Dad is taking Youthful Brain..looks to be working well. Have to take for 2-3 mos. He is also taking lions mane. day by day...


Joan Koester So many natural herbs and supplements out there that can make us better if we just do the research


Don Edwards I've been using this for years. I can remember names, numbers, addresses, anythiing. Now, where did I put my glasses?


Anne Hardy I have felt less brain fog and also my focus has improved while taking this product, I give it 5 stars.


Dayna Herbert I really love this stuff. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks, but already I can tell my memory has improved. I’ll report back again, when I’ve been on it longer.


Dori H So far, I noticed it does keep me more calmly focused and organized. I am getting more things accomplished in less time. I take care of Alzheimer’s patients, and see where their frustration, and the frustration it causes their families contributes to the decline. This is worth looking at!


Janet Newman I am using it and have noticed a change. You might want to try it yourself.


Brenda Branson My family member is having a problem and I got this for them to use and I pray that it works. Only been taking it a short while so don't know yet.....


Kathy H. Nothing is working for us. This may be a great product but even doctors are struggling to help.


In this video, you’ll discover…

  • 5 foods most people eat regularly that cause fogginess, forgetfulness, low energy and can even trigger Alzheimer's.
  • How an elite group of Tibetan monks have steel-trap memories at 100 years old and beyond.
  • Which natural ingredient, often called “the memory molecule,” supports a healthy brain.
  • The natural approach with simple steps anyone can take to protect their brain health.

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